Colonsay Tariffs 



Colonsay Estate has been in the ownership of the Strathcona family for over 100 years.   The current owner is Alex Howard, who lives on Colonsay with his wife and family.  The Estate is very much a family run business, with a number of family members involved in its day to day management.

Colonsay House dates from 1722 with further additions made in the 1780's and around the turn of last century.  It was originally built on the site of Kiloran Abbey by the MacNeills who were the successive lairds of Colonsay until 1905.

The woodland gardens have been established over a similar period with extensive landscaping and new planting carried out by the third Lord Strathcona in the 1930's.  They are considered to have one of the finest collections of rhododendrons in Scotland.


The estate land is farmed and managed with the principle aim of preserving the environment rather than for production.  We work closely with environmental bodies such as Scottish Natural Heritage, the RSPB and the Forestry Commission to preserve natural habitats for birds, mammals and wildflowers.


Our colonsay hotel and colonsay holiday cottages are run in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way wherever possible.  We are committed to the principles of Ecotourism and are proud of our green credentials.



All the farms are managed in conjunction with environmental bodies to preserve natural habitats particularly for choughs, corncrakes and the very rare orchid, Spiranthes romanzoffiana.

Future projects include the further eradication of Rhododendron ponticum, building Zero Carbon houses and building affordable housing for the community.